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title: Data Science Jobs in Aberdeen: A Path to the Future description: Explore opportunities in the data science, data engineering, and machine learning field in Aberdeen, UK. Learn about tech scene, education and companies hiring. keywords: Data science jobs, Aberdeen, UK, data engineering, machine learning

Exploring Data Science Opportunities in Aberdeen

Data Science Jobs Aberdeen Aberdeen, colloquially known as the Granite City, has often been associated with the North Sea oil and gas industry. However, the tide is gradually shifting towards future industries like data science, data engineering, and machine learning. If you are looking for opportunities within the tech field in Aberdeen, then continue reading for valuable insights.

Aberdeen's tech scene consists of a diverse range of companies - from established multinational corporations to ambitious new start-ups. Organisations such as BP, Royal Dutch Shell, and Altus Intervention, companies traditionally linked to the oil industry, have now branched into the digital space needing the skills of data scientists and data engineers. On the other hand, start-ups like Intellicore and Intuitus are redefining the tech scene in Aberdeen and are always on the lookout for innovation-driven tech professionals, including machine learning engineers](/role/machine-learning-engineer).

Data Science Education in Aberdeen

Robust educational infrastructure is also sprouting in support of the burgeoning tech industry. Established institutions such as the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University offer a variety of cutting edge courses in data science, machine learning, and computer science. For instance, the former's MSc in Artificial Intelligence, or the latter's MSc in Data Science, equip graduates for data analyst roles, amongst others.

Interview with Junior Data Scientist Carly B

Carly B

To get an on-ground perspective, we reached out to Carly B, a junior data scientist working with a local tech company in Aberdeen. Carly, a University of Aberdeen alumnus, shed light on the evolving data science scene in Aberdeen.

"Working as a data scientist in Aberdeen is an increasingly exciting space. The oil industry’s dominance is slowly receding, and you are seeing a much more vibrant tech scene. This especially applies to data science, machine learning, and AI. There’s an electric buzz around these technologies," Carly says.

Carly also believes that the growing tech industry creates a positive loop. "The data science education in Aberdeen has evolved substantially, matching the progression in industry. It's an encouraging cycle - advancements in one promote the other."

Aberdeen's Booming Tech Scene

The robust network of meet-ups, conferences, and talent-sharing initiatives in Aberdeen fosters an ecosystem conducive for tech enthusiasts. Tech events such as DataFest, Code the City, and meetups like Aberdeen Data Meetup or Aberdeen TechMeetup are examples of community-led initiatives that stimulant the local tech industry.

Companies, educational institutions, community initiatives, and local government all collaborate to make Aberdeen an attractive destination for data scientist, data engineers, and machine learning engineers. Whether you're a seasoned data professional, or starting as an intern in the data science field, opportunities in Aberdeen are plentiful and promising.

If you are ready to take the plunge and dive into data science in Aberdeen, then explore roles that suit your interest and skillset here. It’s an exciting time to be part of the Aberdeen data science community.

Remember, life is much like data science itself - a constant process of learning, evolving and innovating. So why not start in Aberdeen?

About the Author

About the Author

Lily Lancaster is a London-based data scientist with over six years of experience. In her personal life, she harbors a love for painting, photography, hiking, and volunteers to promote STEM education for young girls.

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