Data Science Jobs London

Job TitleCompanyLocationDate PostedUrl
Principal Applied ScientistMicrosoftLondon17/6/2024Apply Now
Staff Machine Learning EngineerGoogleLondon25/5/2024Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerGoogleLondon25/5/2024Apply Now
Machine Learning Compiler EngineerGoogleLondon25/5/2024Apply Now
Data ArchitectVirtusa CorporationLondon11/5/2024Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistThe Trade DeskLondon20/4/2024Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistIntuitLondon13/4/2024Apply Now
Decision Science AnalystPepper MoneyLondon6/4/2024Apply Now
Data AnalystTrainlineLondon24/3/2024Apply Now
Principal Data Product ManagerTrainlineLondon24/3/2024Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerTrainlineLondon24/3/2024Apply Now
Data Engineering Team LeadTrainlineLondon24/3/2024Apply Now
Head of Data ScienceTrainlineLondon24/3/2024Apply Now
Graduate Data ScientistShift TechnologyLondon17/3/2024Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistLexisNexisLondon10/3/2024Apply Now
Data EngineerLexisNexisLondon10/3/2024Apply Now
Senior Data Science EngineerDraftKingsLondon18/2/2024Apply Now
Data Science AnalystBank of EnglandLondon3/2/2024Apply Now
Data Science AnalystBank of EnglandLondon3/2/2024Apply Now
Research ScientistAnthropicLondon25/1/2024Apply Now
Data EngineerPalantirLondon1/1/2024Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistBumbleLondon24/12/2023Apply Now
AI Data TrainerCohereLondon10/12/2023Apply Now
Lead Machine Learning EngineerBENlabsLondon3/12/2023Apply Now
Sr. Machine Learning EngineerAxion RayLondon26/11/2023Apply Now
Sr. Data EngineerAxion RayLondon26/11/2023Apply Now
Sr. Data ScientistAxion RayLondon26/11/2023Apply Now
Data AnalystNomo FintechLondon26/11/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistNomo FintechLondon26/11/2023Apply Now
Lead Data ScientistNomo FintechLondon26/11/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistMarsLondon12/11/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistMarsLondon12/11/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist EducatorBrainStationLondon2/11/2023Apply Now
Data ArchitectIONLondon28/10/2023Apply Now
Blockchain Data ScientistAnimoca BrandsLondon7/10/2023Apply Now
Data Science InternCompass LexeconLondon1/10/2023Apply Now

Data Science and Machine Learning Career in London

Data Science Jobs London

An Introduction

London is the economic heartbeat of the UK and home to many global businesses. For those who are technically inclined and looking to build a career in data science and machine learning, London presents a multitude of opportunities. This article will provide a view of the tech landscape, the renowned companies, and the education scene in London. Let’s explore what the vibrant city of London has to offer for data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts.

The Tech Scene in London

London is recognised as a thriving tech hub in Europe and a city where tech talent meets innovation. Tech giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM have established their grows here, making London a top choice for professionals looking for data science jobs. These firms also actively hire data engineers and machine learning engineers. These roles require individuals to dissect large volumes of data, make sense of it, and convert it into actionable business insights.

Moreover, London’s startup scene is thriving with numerous companies like ASOS, Monzo, Revolut, Deliveroo, working on innovative solutions and thus, continually seeking skilled data professionals. Working in a startup environment often provides a faster learning curve and the opportunity to work on diverse projects.

Education Opportunities in London

London also offers excellent data science education opportunities. Universities like Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), and King's College London offer comprehensive undergraduate, graduate, and PHD programming in data science. Also, London hosts numerous coding bootcamps and meetup events that provide learning opportunities outside traditional education.

Living in London

Living in London is an enriching experience, with the city's diverse culture and vibrant social scene. London offers an efficient public transport system, making commuting comfortable. The city is a mecca for food-lovers with a wide range of culinary options to choose from. Furthermore, it's a city steeped in history and architectural marvels, offering an array of cultural and entertainment options.

Insights from a Junior Data Scientist

Lissi W

To gain more insights into the life of a working data scientist in London, we spoke to Lissi W.

Lissi, a junior data scientist, shared, "Starting my career as a data scientist in London has given me unprecedented opportunities. The tech community is incredibly supportive, with plenty of events and meetups that have helped me learn and grow in my career. The academic programs here are also top-notch, and they're designed to prepare you for real-world data science problems."

Lissi also added, "I love how London has a vibrant tech-startup scene—the energy and dynamism are electrifying. I would strongly encourage budding data scientists to consider London as their career starting point."

Final Thoughts

Whether you're an experienced data engineer, an aspiring machine learning engineer, or an intern just starting in data science, London offers various opportunities to start and advance your career. With its unique blend of global tech firms, promising startups, world-class universities, and its thriving culture, London stands as one of the top choices for data professionals in the UK and beyond. As Lissi suggests, if you're someone seeking a dynamic tech environment amid a rich culture, London could be your destination.

About the Author

About the Author

Lily Lancaster is a London-based data scientist with over six years of experience. In her personal life, she harbors a love for painting, photography, hiking, and volunteers to promote STEM education for young girls.

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