Data Science Jobs Leicester

Discovering Opportunities in Data Science, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning Jobs in Leicester, UK

Data Science Jobs Leicester

Leicester, being the heart of England and one of the oldest cities in the United Kingdom, offers a wealth of opportunities in data science, data engineering, machine learning, and data analysis. With the rise of new industries and the continued growth of ecommerce and technology companies, Leicester is fast becoming a hotspot for those looking to establish their careers in the data field.

Innovative Companies in Leicester

Leicester has a growing list of innovative companies. That includes industry giants such as IBM and Accenture, tech companies like Unity, RiskSave Technologies, and also startups such as Perkbull. These companies are often hiring for a range of positions from data scientist to machine learning engineer roles.

Tech Scene in Leicester

Leicester has a vibrant tech scene, hosting various tech meetups, hackathons, and tech conferences. It's also home to numerous tech accelerators such as The Innovation Centre and Techstars which assist startups with mentoring, providing workspace and connecting with potential investors. This tech-oriented environment makes Leicester an ideal city for data experts and tech-savvy individuals seeking opportunities.

Data Science Education In The Region

Leicester also offers excellent educational support for those looking to further their data science studies. Universities like the University of Leicester and De Montfort University offer various data science programs, including Masters in Data Analysis and Bachelor’s in Data Engineering. These programs encompass various modules on machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence, and big data.

General Information about Leicester

Located in the East Midlands region of England, Leicester is a diverse city known for its culturally rich history, sports, pulsating nightlife, and is often described as a city with the perfect blend of urban life and countryside charm.

The Journey Of A Data Scientist In Leicester

We interviewed Jennifer F, a Junior Data Scientist at a well-known tech company in Leicester. Her insight proves invaluable for anyone considering making Leicester home for data science career.

Jennifer F
  • Can you describe your experience working as a Data Scientist in Leicester?

Jennifer: “There is a real sense of community in the tech scene here. There are so many opportunities, not just for work, but also for learning and growth. We have a lot of meetups and forums where you can present your ideas and get feedback, and learn from others."

  • What are some benefits of living and working in Leicester for tech professionals?

Jennifer: “Leicester makes it easy to have a balanced life. The cost of living is reasonable, and we have some of the most beautiful parks and green spaces. The city is also full of history, and there are many unexpected treasures to find. And, of course, the tech scene is booming."

  • Do you have any advice for those seeking a technology-related job in Leicester?

Jennifer: “Be active in the local tech community. Join meetup groups, attend events, and network. Be aware of the latest trends in tech, remain up-to-date and keep learning. In this city, there are plenty of opportunities."

From Jennifer's point of view, it seems clear that with Leicester's vibrant tech scene, excellent learning opportunities, and overall accessibility, this city offers a thriving environment for those in data science, data engineering, and machine learning roles. Coupled with its historical charm and cost-effective living, making a career in Leicester could be an ideal choice for many.

About the Author

About the Author

Lily Lancaster is a London-based data scientist with over six years of experience. In her personal life, she harbors a love for painting, photography, hiking, and volunteers to promote STEM education for young girls.

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