Data Science Jobs Nottingham

Discover Data Science and Machine Learning Jobs in Nottingham

Data Science Jobs Nottingham

Nottingham, one of the United Kingdom’s historical cities, is burgeoning with opportunity for tech professionals. It's home to a thriving tech scene, with numerous data science, data engineering, and machine learning roles available to those with the right skill set.

Data Science, Machine Learning and Data Engineering Roles in Nottingham

Nottingham presents fantastic opportunities for data scientists, data engineers, machine learning engineers, and data analysts. In addition to full-time roles, there are also ample opportunities for interns looking to gain hands-on experience. Industries that are particularly thriving in Nottingham include the health sector, finance, retail, and digital marketing.

Companies in Nottingham

Companies leading in data science like Experian, Capital One, Boots, and more have a large presence in Nottingham and its surrounding region. Tech startups are also making their mark. High growth companies such as Oakbrook, Userfy, Cronofy, and Impression are just a few examples of the thriving startups in Nottingham's tech scene.

Data Science Education in Nottingham

Nottingham's focus on education and training in the tech sector is a boon for anyone looking to explore data science and machine learning jobs in the area. Both the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University have tailored courses for aspiring data professionals. These institutions offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Data Science and AI, providing theoretical and practical training to equip students with relevant industry skills. Additionally, numerous part-time classes, workshops, and online learning options are available to facilitate ongoing professional development.

The Tech Scene in Nottingham

Nottingham's tech scene has continued to blossom over the years. An increasing number of tech-oriented events, meetups, and hackathons are being held, bringing together data scientists, machine learning specialists, data engineers, and other tech professionals. Additionally, the region hosts annual Nottingham Digital Summit, which is one of the largest tech gatherings in the Midlands.

Living in Nottingham

Nottingham is a vibrant city steeped in history and culture, offering a rewarding lifestyle for residents. It has a lower cost of living compared to other major cities in the UK like London, making it a viable option for tech professionals.

The city's weather can be described as a temperate maritime climate, like much of the UK. This means that it has warm summers and mild winters. The city's average temperature generally ranges between 2°C in January to 21°C in July.

Wrapping Up

For professionals looking to forge a career in data science, machine learning or data engineering, Nottingham offers a plethora of opportunities. As a city with a rich history, a vibrant tech scene, and excellent educational institutions, Nottingham is a great place to combine professional growth with an enjoyable lifestyle. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out as an intern, consider Nottingham when looking for your next opportunity in the data science field.

About the Author

About the Author

Lily Lancaster is a London-based data scientist with over six years of experience. In her personal life, she harbors a love for painting, photography, hiking, and volunteers to promote STEM education for young girls.

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